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photo by Chloe Jarnac

"Sage Fisher... uses loops of harp and electronic sounds, and ...her voice, to construct tracks that evolve from ambient Minimalism to something considerably more volatile."

-The New York Times

"The most startling moments... arrive when Fisher’s siren song falsetto breaks the music’s surface tension and the details of her lyrics become clear.... The trauma that shaded her past work seems to be melting away, helping lift her above sea level. On “Capricorn,” Fisher repeats the line, “When I get to the top of the mountain” over and over, layering it into a delirious chorus that sends her into the skies. Body of Water overflows with triumphal moments like it, as Fisher soars and splashes through this exciting stage in her artistic evolution." - Bandcamp

“if FKA twigs lived under the sea or Björk were more into whispering…washes over you, shepherding you through moments of dissonance and discomfort toward brushes with the sublime…don’t be surprised if you find yourself tearing up.” -PDX Monthly

"Recursive, minimal harp melodies...intricate production, layers of electronic distortion...starkly beautiful, with cracked electroacoustic reconfigurations of the harp at the center of it all." -SPIN

“a truly intoxicating, extraordinary, and even alien blend of future pop…emotional currents running wild in [an] aquatic world of loss and mental acrobatics… “mov[ing] in and out of the physical” …Body of Water …find[s] its creator being lost to its waters, becoming one with them…receives listeners with open arms” -Beats Per Minute

50 Artists to Watch in 2020 -The Guardian


"Liminal Garden straddles psychedelic etherealism like the futuristic left field side of Björk yet untapped. The record is infused with Asian stringed melodies and electronic effect abstractions – all deeply steeped in sweet (dare I say) effeminate rhythm and the unexpected." -ToneShift

“[Sage’s] vocal harmonizing turn[s] back on itself in a never-ending cycle. Body of Water is a remarkable work of great depth, an intriguing album that casts a spell, drawing you into its mysterious realm.” - AudioFemme

“Keeping the beauty of previous work but stepping in new directions no less lovely, Body of Water is one of this year’s almost criminally underheard records” -Treble Zine

“translucent sound…pop…viewed through a prism…her voice like a burning filament through it all, her voice flickering with vibrato and electronic manipulation” -Dusted Magazine

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